Since we’ve finally settled on Salt chairs. I am moving on to rugs.
These rugs are the top few we will look at over and over again over the course of months and months and then finally decide one day which one we want. Man, I used to be such an impulsive shopper, now its like the longest process ever.

Pricey but super awesome by Anni Albers.
I like this one too from Ikea.

I’ve invited people over for dinner in 7-10 business days. At which point we will have chairs. Im excited.


  • The Anni Albers rug is amazing!

  • I vote for the ikea, easier to hide stains.

  • Samantha

    Ooo, I do like those chairs. We desperately need a new dining room table, but the chairs are more dire, as they keep breaking. I think we have one of these stores just down the street, too. I’ll have to check them out.

  • The chairs are amazing. Do you worry about a rug under a table, or is it for elsewhere? I’d worry.

  • I have that Ikea rug and love it. The chevron pattern makes it really bold, but the color makes it go with our colorful chairs. It is easy to spot clean, too.

  • The collection really impresses! Check out other patterns such as Chevron for more options and see whether these really benefit or not! Different colours, different designs, different textures and you have a winner in your hand.

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