We just made a promise to jump in the water on the first of every month. If we could handle 1/1/2014 we might be able to handle the rest (as long as we steer clear of the polar vortex).
Ry was the smartest out of the 4 of us and said no way to jumping in, she did get some good laughs.


Did you know you can’t really breathe when you put your head under water and come back up? Your body is like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” and you are like “TRYING TO BE AWESOME!” and its like “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FROM THIS. YOUR LUNGS ARE NOW FROZEN IDIOT.” Henry also rode on my back in and told me to do a cannonball and then insisted we go back in right away. I said no, Ry backed me up.
Yes, he is wearing a pearl necklace and a speedo. Why dont you join us? Pearls and speedos optional.

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