Something happens to your heart when it is in the hands of others. When your future as a family is dependent often on people you have never met. Long story short we have to wait several more months to make her ours, even though by most accounts she is ours…I swear I stop breathing for a full minute when I think of the tiny chance she could be taken back even though the chance is so small. Its hard to trust the people that are “looking out” for her when they screw up so badly in just a simple way.

This could have been one of the worst weeks in a long time (a lot of other terrible stuff happened). Which the kids made better by nail parties and a birthday party where they decorated and art directed the cake (pink on the inside and purple on the outside) and a “shark magazine” which was R’s idea.



There is always next week.


  • The word ” court” makes my stomach drop. I know how scary it is to have your whole life decided by someone who can never really know you. So sending pos vibes. That cake is the coolest I’ve seen in years!

  • I’m so sorry. Your journey terrifies me from the outside and my breath stops for you. I can only imagine how awful it must be going through it. Hang in there. xx

  • Sid

    I don’t really pray but I do sincerely hope that the “system” manages to function the way it’s meant to so that you and your daughter will soon be able to focus your time and energies on simply being a family.

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