I can’t write much here that hasnt already been said. I thought in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I could share the love from the day we became a complete family.

Every time I think about this day, I cry.

Here is what I said at Rylie’s adoption in the courthouse:

Growing up I would always ask my dad to tell me the story about the day that he
met me. He would always say that the minute he saw me, he knew that I was
going to be his daughter forever. My father married my mother and had my little
sister. As I got older part me didnt understand how he could love me the
daughter he adopted as his own as much as my sister who was biologically his
own. I didnt understand it until I met Rylie. I walked into the home she was living
in, we locked eyes and she ran up to me and announced that she was ready to
go home with us. And I understood. She had so quickly planted herself in my
heart, the way maybe I planted myself in my fathers heart.

So Rylie my best little girl and Henry my best little boy I love you both forever
always and the same. Thank you for being my kids. And Thor, my favorite
husband that you for being you.

Rylie, I would have never been able to find you so quickly if it werent for Ryan,
a super awesome social worker who put up with a copious amount of
phone calls from me uh all the time, BreeAnne your guardian at litem who
worked so super hard to protect your little heart. And finally, the person who
called me that day, Keri and said “there is this little girl, I just know she’s
perfect for you.”

Thank you everyone. We feel like the luckiest family on the planet.

Photos by Rylie’s godfather David Newsom and Joan Benney my lovely talented photographer friend.


  • Now I’m crying.


    So much love. Makes me love you all so much. I’m so glad you found Rylie and she found you.

    And… nice legs, Mrs. Furber. I heart those heart tights.

  • Beautiful new site, but what gets all the attention today is that beautiful post. Your love is so inspiring!

  • So much love, Sara.

  • Your family looks absolutely beautiful and full of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • eliza

    this is just so beautiful. and now i’m covered in tears and snot and bursting with happiness for you and your gorgeous family. xoxo

  • elise

    wonderful. just wonderful.

  • Such a sweet and touching post! Beautiful family!

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