The first present I ever gave my husband was a kitten. My friend Belinda had found her somewhere in Brooklyn and posted asking if anyone could adopt her. Belinda kept her in the bathroom until I was able to meet her and take her home. She had named her Priscilla, which did fit…but we renamed her Koko after the gorilla that liked cats without tails and also after a wrestler.

She was so tiny, so sweet and little. She used a pie plate for a litter box and ate out of ramekin.

She was Henry’s first best friend. Koko was his second word. The first of course being “more”. He loves her, we love her.
She was attacked this morning. We are really sad and confused because we now know what was responsible. Would rather not go into details. She is not doing very well.


Please think really really good thoughts about her. We love her and adore her. She is the best, most ridiculous cat. She is in really good hands with the vets here, thank god for small towns, like 3 vets took her from my husband’s arms the second we stepped into the clinic.
It feels a little better to write about it. Im trying not to harass the vet.


  • Meehhhhh such a beautiful kitty. Pull through!!!!!!!

  • Koko rules… sending good thoughts.

  • all the best beautiful koko and family!

  • Julie

    This is making me cry. Stay strong Koko.

  • “would rather not go into details. she is not doing very well”
    these two sentences strike fear into my heart, even though I have never met your beautiful cat. I am sending many healing thoughts toward all of you.

  • thank you for all your kind words. we lost our wonderful koko this afternoon.

  • I’m so sorry about the loss of your sweet kitty. Your post was so eloquent and honest…

  • Thank you Carina.

  • Oh, no. I am so, so sorry. I told my husband Koko’s story last night and we both teared up. Now I’m tearing up again. My condolences.

  • I’m so, so sorry. My sincerest condolences. It’s so hard to lose a beloved kitty, and for it to happen so suddenly and under suspicious circumstances… that’s even harder to bear.

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