Thank you for visiting my blog! You must be awesome. You are so pretty and or handsome! I wanted to have a little contest for you. My husband the nerd actually made me a program for randomly generating a number and it works. A little baffling since he doesn’t know how to tie his shoes.


We are giving away two items! TWO! One is the super popular Lost Bird Found tote bag and the other is the super comfortable cotton tunic (the sun is coming soon, I promise). To win one of these two prizes, just leave a comment on this post. Let us know what you would carry in your tote or how you would wear your tunic. Yay! Hooray!

I will announce the winner this Friday, March 5th via Twitter. Place your comment before midnight March 4th!


Photos by the lovely and talented Karen Wise.


  • oh my god. i love love love this tunic! i have wanted it for weeks but can’t really buy anything right now. please let me win!

  • Swooning over here! And thank you, I’m feeling pretty awesome today. You are spot on in your compliments! 🙂
    Let’s see, I’d carry my phone & book in the tote, and I’d try and wear the tunic like the lovely lady in the photo on the right. Thanks for this contest, I’m excited!

  • Why thank you, I am awesome! But you’re awesomer because you made this awesome stuff and I am in awe and want to have it.
    So pick me, random number generator!

  • Betsy

    I’d carry my kitty! Just kidding. Sorta…

  • i would love, love, love the tote. it would make hauling around diapers of various sizes and various baby toys a much prettier affair.
    and the tunic makes me think spring thoughts…there is still way too much snow on the ground over here!
    my fingers are crossed. thanks for the contest! : )

  • I don’t think the tunic would fit, but the bag, well, it would carry the requisite everyday things (wallet, keys, phone, iPod, planner, lip balm), a rotating cast of sketchbooks, my beloved Alan Stuart pencil case, lino cutting tools, rubber spatulas, rolls of tape, a rubbing stick, library books, an extra scarf and bagels.

  • kandyce

    love. these. both! i’d carry library books and my lunch in the tote and i’d wear the tunic for my wedding rehearsal!

  • I’d carry my tools around in that fab tote since that’s all I seem to be toting around these days. 🙂

  • Oh hell yes. Let’s see…
    tote: my mini sketchbook, some cash money, my hottie red lipstick and definitely a snack. Or maybe two snacks. or maybe just snacks.
    tunic: with my hottie red lipstick, favorite denim jacket and strappy-pseudo-greek-hippie sandals.
    most excellent giveaway, vielendank!

  • sg

    I’d wear the rad tunic whilst listening to Tunic (song for karen):
    and while looking at the art of Spencer Tunick:
    but not participating in his art, since I’d be wearing the tunic, you know.
    btw, I am a librarian. And librarians like links.

  • I love both of those items too cute! I would carry that tote everywhere. I’m a totally junkie for bags. It would probably help me get to and from work everyday but it looks like it would be a great beach bag too!

  • The pattern on the tote bag is perfection! I would load the bag up with all kinds of goodies — my computer, books, my moleskins, and of course my ever growing collection of drawing tools.
    I have been really enjoying your blog – thanks for sharing your excellent goodies with us!

  • bess

    can’t resist… I would definitely carry my groceries in the bag, in my great new bike basket, and I would hope for warm enough weather to wear the tunic to my cousin’s upcoming wedding, or at least the breakfast the day after.

  • Julie

    Hey hey! I’m still waiting for our trade to take place. But I’ll still enter your contest because your stuff is awesome and I want it all!

  • i am a huge fan of the lost bird found family! here’s to random: clink!

  • I would wear this tunic to the beach to do improbable things there. I could eat some chili, or walk my cat, or do my taxes.
    I would carry the chili and my taxes in the tote. Probably not my cat, though, because it is not a picking-up style cat.

  • Libbey

    Hmm..everything in the bag (except the cat, but maybe the baby), the tunic might be too fancy for FH 😉

  • I’d love to stow art supplies and books for the kids I nanny for in the tote, and wear the tunic over some leggings with a pair of TOMS!

  • Both the tote and the tunic are amazing! Finger crossed!

  • Alexis

    Hooray for nerd husbands (and velcro shoes for said husbands).
    I would put my cat in the tunic and me in the tote. Er, wait….reverse that.

  • Caroline

    I would use the tote for carrying books to and from work or school, or I would use it to carry groceries. I would probably not wear the tunic for several more months (I am in Wyoming, and it is still rather chilly), but once it does get warm, I would wear it when I walk to the movies with my sweetie on a lovely summer day or when we go to the Farmer’s Market.

  • Oh how lovely!
    I would use the tote for a blanket, book, and camera to go to the park and lay in the sun…

  • Oh, wow. I just found your blog through blog it forward from sfgirlbybay and I’m loving it. This tote and tunic are adorable!

  • i would wear my tunic with cropped pants and one of my vintage pinafore aprons…

  • Eileen Moore

    I just carried my tote to and fro on a trip to Milan. To Milan I carried architectural drawings, a spare pair of socks for the plane trip and my brown laceless converse so that I could change out of my stuffy boots on the plane into something more comfy. On the way home I carried two Italian coloring books for C with these amazingly beautiful graphics, a salami sandwich from the airport (delicious) and a candy called “pocket coffee” which spurts a shot of espresso between chocolate-ty bites. If I had had two I would have purchased more of all of the above. I am looking forward to sporting a tunic that I may or may not win at the beach this year.

  • loveee. i would wear the tunic with a wide wide brown leather belt & flats for weekend summer goodness, and i’d carry all my insane wedding planning nonsense in the tote. & bread & cheese. & books.

  • I really love that tunic!! I would wear it with black jeans and brown leather Fryes.

  • Shelly Annameier

    The tote would be perfect for a number of things, but I think I would probably use it to carry fresh fruits and veggies from farmer’s markets/our food co-op. Or I would use it as a lunch sack. Or something to carry my misc things that don’t fit in my purse when I’m on my way to work.
    On me, the tunic would be paired nicedly with a belt and boots… perhaps a brown leather coat similar to the one in the photo. I adore the tunic!! In the spring/summer, the tunic would also work nicely with a little pair of flip flops or barefeet. I am drooling thinking about summer (and the tunic).
    Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  • well first I would use it to carry table grapes picked fresh from my farm to the market and then i would give it away on
    both are so beautiful!

  • bag bag bag. I want that bag.

  • Matthew Carlone

    I recently left my favorite bag at Whole Foods so I’m counting on you.

  • I admit it is unlikely I would use or wear any of these myself, but I have 2 daughters that would. too bad it is too late for me to win. guess I will just have to buy something…

  • I just saw on twitter that I won but I can’t dm you unless you’re following me. Can you follow me or e-mail so I can get my address to you?
    I’m so excited about this tote and tunic!

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