So the better part of Friday night was spent with my husband explaining Earth to me and that islands don’t actually float around (to my credit I thought they floated REALLY SLOWLY), but are hills with water all around them. When I still didnt (want to) grasp onto this concept he had to explain Earth by using a (imaginary) Cadbury Egg.
In short, I am not allowed to homeschool Henry after admitting that I thought islands just floated.

“The yellow center of the egg is the earth core.” Thor
“The hot melty gravity center?” Me
“Sort of.”
“The chocolate is the Earth’s crust. Which is what we live on.”
“Can we make popcorn?”

Anyway. This volcano pillow is pretty self explanatory. I don’t need any candy metaphors to understand this one. Plus science doesnt prove anything.


  • Stephanie

    I just found your blog through sfgirlbybay today and wanted to thank you for making me laugh with the hilarious link and story about your lesson regarding islands 🙂 It reminds me of many of the science conversations my husband and I have 😉 crazily enough I actually home school our 4 girls! We’re part of the 25%(?) of liberal hs’ers who believe that science DOES prove “things”! haha- thanks, again for the fun post 🙂

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