The last couple of days I have almost gone crazy planning our cross country trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. Planning stops for physical therapy exercises (I had spinal surgery 2 months ago) and wrangling a toddler so he doesnt go insane or drive us insane from being insane. I always swore I would never let Henry watch tv…obviously that didnt happen. This kid could sit through “Gone with the Wind” and not move an inch. He has an incredible attention span, not from me. Hello media player in the car. He is a little too young to play car games, but not old enough to tire of “The Wheels on the Bus” being sung 1234302957843945743 times in a row. He has us sing about putting all kinds of things on the bus. The bus on the bus, the Hugo on the bus, the Henry on the bus….

On the verge of adopting a girl, quickly glancing at these I thought they were actually dresses, but they are paper maps folded into dress forms made by Elisabeth Lecourt. Beautiful, right? Not so durable for a little girl.

We have a deep love for maps over here, our wedding invitations were scans of my grandfathers old topo maps and wrapped in old road maps too. Some of the older guests got a little confused by the outside map wrapping because they were of random places like Oklahoma and Kentucky. Luckily they called to check. (Sorry for the old terrible photos of these)


  • it really is quite beautiful! i cannot believe they are paper dresses. great find!

  • oh man, I will be thinking of you the whole time as you make your journey. Also, cannot wait to meet.

  • can’t wait to meet you guys!

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