Montana was so pretty and so nice, until we got to the part between the end of Montana and the start of Wyoming. Henry had a harder time motivating in the morning on Saturday. We kinda let him have his way. He wanted to eat a muffin in front of the waterfall, so he ate a muffin in front of a waterfall. I lured him to the table with “purple cheerios” aka Froot Loops, which are his trashy kryptonite, and we dont ever have unless we are traveling. We have a box of them in the car but have not had to open them since everyone seems to eat Froot Loops every morning (in the hotels at least). In Wyoming, I discovered a disturbing breakfast food trend, CORN DOGS. In the morning. They were offered at the hotel, then when I got some water at the gas station, dude was buying 2 corn dogs at 7 am. Is that normal?

This sign was the best. My co-pilot tried to snap a picture of. Its a little blurry but hilarious. I am deeply afraid of snakes. There was also a campground at some point called the Snake Pit. No. Thank you.

Sunday morning, Henry didnt want to leave again. But we explained to him that we were going to New York. He has become obsessed with the “idea” of New York. He knows that his BFF Huckleberry is there at the end of the rainbow that is the mid west. He really is a trooper.

I thought it would be a good idea to stop and take Henry to a place called the Reptile Garden. But when we got there it was just creepy and sad. There were tons of Alligators and Crocodiles in this gross pen and some guy was poking them with sticks to make them snap at him and asking the crowd to cheer. He also had a ponytail and talked about how he had a long night last night. I am just dying to see his personal ad which you KNOW is on eHarmony or something….nothing wrong with personal ads….but a ponytail dude, that wrestles Crocodiles and Alligators in South Dakota? C’mon…We lasted about 5 seconds.

Henry wanted to find the Tortoises. So we looked. And stopped to play with rocks. We spent 30 dollars to get in and 15 minutes inside. We planned on eating lunch in a ghost town, but we were running late. I could not resist the awesome handpainted signs for Wall Drug and I really wanted to get ice cream for Henry (and maybe some other people in the car). It was so so corny but so awesome hilarious.


It was awesome. He literally had to be dragged away from the water spout things. They were synced up to music and when it was a slow song he would just hoot. We then told him that if he danced fast a fast song would come on next. We are so mean.


If you see a sign like this, it probably means that if you dont have a lot of gas in your tank, you should stop and get some. There is a lot of space between gas stations out here.

Off to Chicago! I think that our super awesome hostess Sarah has some ideas for us, but let us know if you have some too. Henry likes rocks, water, rice, kale, purple cheerios, toads and hats. If that helps at all. I am hoping he does his toad impression for Sarah. Fingers crossed he wont be a total lunatic after 9 hours in the car tomorrow. But we will stay still for two days.


  • Julie

    I take a picture of that sign every time we drive through, but it’s always blurry, because I always forget it’s coming.

  • I can’t get over his hat! Ridiculously cute 🙂 Your son reminds me of my older cousin. The only one in the family with bright orange-y red hair and blue eyes 🙂

  • Seriously, any kids who can pull of that look is a-ok in my books. Too adorable.

  • I’m really enjoying this travelogue, Sara!
    Henry is such a star.

  • So unbelievably hysterical! And what a little trooper, Henry!

  • @Julie I know I was shouting at Thor to take the picture.
    @Anna Im glad! Henry seems to be a popular character.
    @Megan, he is a hat dude. He often pulls it down pretty far so he looks like Blossom though.
    @Vanessa I dress him like an old man. He works it.
    @Kimberly, you’ll get to meet him soon enough. Ill be searching for places to swim near you. He is obsessed.

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