It’s our favorite holiday around here.

Hope you are having a sweet one.

Photos by Sara Parsons. Sprinkles by Oh Joy.

This one. She’s feeling shy lately. We had a talk about sharing her story, and she decided that she doesn’t want to share it for awhile…so I’m going with it. Don’t go thinking we forgot about her. She’s very here, quite loud and of course the best girl in the whole world. Henry is lucky to have such a sister and we, I can’t even describe how much we love this little gorgeous, insane, silly little nut.
If you have questions about being a foster adopt parent I am more than happy to answer them. It was one of the best things we ever did.

We just made a promise to jump in the water on the first of every month. If we could handle 1/1/2014 we might be able to handle the rest (as long as we steer clear of the polar vortex).
Ry was the smartest out of the 4 of us and said no way to jumping in, she did get some good laughs.


Did you know you can’t really breathe when you put your head under water and come back up? Your body is like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” and you are like “TRYING TO BE AWESOME!” and its like “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FROM THIS. YOUR LUNGS ARE NOW FROZEN IDIOT.” Henry also rode on my back in and told me to do a cannonball and then insisted we go back in right away. I said no, Ry backed me up.
Yes, he is wearing a pearl necklace and a speedo. Why dont you join us? Pearls and speedos optional.

Things are a little bananas around here. Ill be posting more soon. In the meantime, here are some sweet pictures I set up with my insanely talented friend Sara Parsons.

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One of the things I love most about Washington is the total optimism towards any potential sunlight. When the sunny spring and summer hits its rare you will find anyone inside on purpose.
We met a new friend who just moved to the island. She had us over for crab quesadillas (which her friend caught) we brought the makings for strawberry mint mojitos. The kids even ended up streaking.

I can’t write much here that hasnt already been said. I thought in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I could share the love from the day we became a complete family.

Every time I think about this day, I cry.

Here is what I said at Rylie’s adoption in the courthouse:

Growing up I would always ask my dad to tell me the story about the day that he
met me. He would always say that the minute he saw me, he knew that I was
going to be his daughter forever. My father married my mother and had my little
sister. As I got older part me didnt understand how he could love me the
daughter he adopted as his own as much as my sister who was biologically his
own. I didnt understand it until I met Rylie. I walked into the home she was living
in, we locked eyes and she ran up to me and announced that she was ready to
go home with us. And I understood. She had so quickly planted herself in my
heart, the way maybe I planted myself in my fathers heart.

So Rylie my best little girl and Henry my best little boy I love you both forever
always and the same. Thank you for being my kids. And Thor, my favorite
husband that you for being you.

Rylie, I would have never been able to find you so quickly if it werent for Ryan,
a super awesome social worker who put up with a copious amount of
phone calls from me uh all the time, BreeAnne your guardian at litem who
worked so super hard to protect your little heart. And finally, the person who
called me that day, Keri and said “there is this little girl, I just know she’s
perfect for you.”

Thank you everyone. We feel like the luckiest family on the planet.

Photos by Rylie’s godfather David Newsom and Joan Benney my lovely talented photographer friend.

I just love these stamps. I can’t wait to work with the kids on Tuesday. Last year I taught a graphics class and had the kids decorate skateboard decks donated by Creature Skateboards and had all of the other parts sold to me lower than wholesale by Skate Warehouse.

The art program here is virtually non existent. My husband K.Thor Jensen is teaching a cartooning class and I am teaching textiles for about 6 weeks.