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The daughter of political and social activists, Sara Jensen was born a red diaper baby in the 1970s, watched her parents wage wild cat strikes across America before she was able to do long division and then spent the latter part of her childhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts looking like a reject little sister on the set of a John Hughes film.

After stints on both coasts and several years spent living in Mexico studying art and parties, Sara settled into a design career in NYC where her client list included the likes of Farm Aid, Kirkland Signature, Jessica Kagan Cushman, Duck Soup Inn, Club Monaco, Edon Manor, Jennifer Lopez, Peasblossom Paper, Ivanka Trump and Overlook Farm.

While in New York she met her best friend, husband and fellow nerd K. Thor Jensen. Sara now runs Lost Bird Found with the help and support of Thor. To date, their best freelance collaboration project is a strawberry blond toddler named Henry Jared Llewoh who is too smart for his own good and possesses the palate of a 30 year old.

When Sara's not cooking elaborate meals to appease Henry she still manages to find inspiration from food - especially produce - which she loves to draw as much as she loves to eat.

Recent transplants to the Pacific Northwest, Sara and her family now call a tiny island where everybody is nice to them all the time home. Living on an island dotted with fruit and vegetable farms, it will be years before Sara runs out of inspiration or goes hungry.

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